What is rapé, where does it come from and what are its effects?

February 01, 2023

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What is rapé, where does rapé come from, from which plant and how is it obtained/processed?

Rapé is a mixture of ash from plants growing in the Amazon and used by the native peoples of Brazil. Rapé, like many other plants, is part of the oldest legends of many Amazonian tribes and is intertwined with their rituals, in which various deities were worshiped in connection with the specific effects of the chosen rapé species.

The main component of rapé is tobacco Nicotiana rustica, which grows in South and Central America.

Of course, the rapé tobacco is not the only ingredient, but other herbs are also added to the mixture. Traditional spices that were available to locals include palo santo, passionflower ( Passiflora incarnata) , lavender, mint, cinnamon, beans, wayusa, and banana peels.

The preparation then proceeded as follows. The tobacco was first soaked in water, then shredded and dried over a fire. The dry leaves were again gradually crushed in a rosewood mortar and sieved until only a fine powder remained.

In Europe, this product was first discovered in 1493. Rapé also meets Brother Ramón Par, a monk and missionary who worked in the Amazon... Rapé has ties to the indigenous people, and so he couldn't help but notice the tribesmen having an unidentifiable mixture blown up their noses by the chief shaman . When he returned to Europe with Christopher Columbus, he brought rapé with him and so his story began to be written on our continent. Gradually they began to research the unknown remedy, and in 1723 the effects and the corresponding dosage were recorded in writing.

What is rapé used for?

The main need to use rapé was not to feel comfortable, but rather to mentally reconcile with oneself... At present, this Amazonian ritual could be described as mental therapy. The whole ritual looked like this: The tribe used to have a shaman who was responsible for the rituals. The shaman interacted with each of the participants and asked, "Why did he wish to participate in this ritual and what is the answer he wishes to receive here?" Thanks to this question, the shaman was able to see what each participant in the ritual needed and was able to help them.

This is followed by the part in which each species is served individually. The method of getting rapé into the body is simple. The shaman had a hollow stick made of Amazonian bamboo or bone. The shaman always held the chopstick to the nose of each individual and blew into it. First in the right nostril, which symbolized death, and then in the left nostril, to symbolize rebirth.

The mixture was slowly showing its effect. People started to introspect, relax, balance and enjoy life. The shamans themselves were then even able to connect to the universe and draw energy from it.

This was the course of one of several rituals in which rapé was used. Rapé is also connected to other human needs. Whether it is fertility ceremonies, menstruation, abundance, wishing for favorable weather, or the initiation or transformation of a boy into a man. Incidentally, these rituals also differed in the timing of the ceremony: some took place before sunrise, others began after sunset. But there was always a clear pattern for the ceremony, which was blowing rapé up both nostrils.

What are the effects of Rapé, how can it be taken and what is the ideal dose?

In short, rapé works like this:

Forgives negative thoughts in the body

frees and clears blocked chakras

Increases the sense of our emotions and helps to let them out.

It can help with our internal, longer-term problems by allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body.

When we are able to freely feel and open our feelings, our true inner selves come out.

For advanced users it is also possible to work with the emerging visions.

Rapé is therefore a great tool on demanding days or during creative activities.

Types of rapé and their differences

Rapé Muruchi - with his energy tuned to earthy, meditative tones, he hardly ever pinches his nose. It induces deep states of self absorption suitable for self programming or energy healing. Highly recommended. Native to the Venezuelan-Colombian border region.

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Rapé Samauma - Samauma is an intense ash rapé with a light tobacco aroma. It is a powerful heart chakra opener, has a sunny energy and a long lasting effect.

Rapé Jurema - Jurema is an intense rapé with a tobacco scent. It is heavily visual, has a heavier earthy energy and is long lasting.

Rapé Mulateiro - extracted from the Calycophyllum spruceanum plant, has an uplifting energy with a rather gentle strength that is suitable for beginners and barely tickles the nose. It induces pleasant states of elevation and is useful for stimulation or energy healing. Native of the Brazilian-Venezuelan border area.
Rapé Pereira - A light , very pleasant rapé with the energy of the sun and wind that lifts the mood. In the beginning he stings briefly and then you watch as he enters and illuminates each cell. Rapé from the Colombia-Venezuela border region.

Rapé Murici is a strong and intense rapé with an earthy tobacco flavor suitable for strong energy and body cleansing. In larger quantities, it will bring even the strongest characters to their knees. Recommended for the brave!

Rapé Cumaré is a classic strong Brazilian rapé. It has an intense tobacco aroma and a cleansing, almost laxative character, which will also please experienced "shamans" in slightly larger quantities. In smaller quantities, it will also delight adventurous beginners.

Rapé Tsunu - Yawanawa : Named after one of the most famous shamans, this blend is primarily purifying. It is considered one of the strongest, so it is not suitable for beginners.

Rapé Bobinsana : A blend of tobacco and the South American Bobinsana plant that evokes feelings of love, warmth and compassion with its beautiful pink flowers. The possibility of even having lucid and vivid dreams.

Rapé Guarumo: A blend of tobacco and the guaramo plant found in the South American jungle acts as a natural relaxant that can induce a meditative state.